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Dutch pride
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Quality requirements

At Wilhelmina, we want to make the best peppermints. We are continuously innovating, and keeping an eye on the latest trends. So a lot of our products these days are vegan, and our mints are also following this trends. Naturally, we always comply with the strict food safety demands. We make every effort to provide the perfect refreshment for every moment of the day.

Wilhelmina peppermint was developed in 1892 by the company Fortuin. The occasion? It was the 50th anniversary of the company, and at the same time it was an extra special tribute to Queen Wilhelmina, who was 12 years old at the time. The peppermints were such a success that we have been purveyor to the royal household ever since, and that’s something we’re very proud of. By now our other refreshing products, such as sugar hearts with text and Salmiak pastilles, have also become true staples. They are of premium quality and often vegan, and usually they come with sustainable packaging. Wilhelmina is more than just peppermint.